Private Box Fit & HIIT Classes in Worthing

Our Box Fit & HIIT Classes in Worthing combine Box Fit & HIIT to create a fun workout that promotes stamina, strength, balance and coordination.

BoxFit is a low impact, high-energy workout that incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning, functional and circuit training with an emphasis placed on boxing. Boxfit is a circuit style class it offers short bursts of various exercises, and is designed to work on all the basic elements of fitness – mobility, strength, stamina and flexibility.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training} is a cardio session arranged as short bursts of very hard work. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. The idea being to push yourself to the max during every set for a short period of time.

These two training methods compliment each other perfectly and by integrating them we feel you can benefit from both forms of training whilst keeping it fun and interesting as there is a natural cross-over in the two training methods.

These private fitness classes are ideal for anyone who requires 100% focus on their goals. You can also bring your partner or a friend if you both want to achieve similar results and encourage each other to push the boundries to your personal goals.

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Box Fit

Box Fit enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing. Hitting the pads can be a release for your aggression and anger, and it’s a phenomenal workout. It combines cardio work, strength training, timing, balance and boxing skills into one fitness activity. Hitting the pads is a fast high repetition workout that builds muscular endurance as well as strength.

The workout uses the entire body, you use your whole body your arms, your legs and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. Correct technique takes practice and good instruction. Soon you’ll become more comfortable with the punches enabling you to punch faster and burn even more calories. If you stick with the Box Fit workout you’ll get cut, you’ll get definition, but you won’t gain bulk. Box Fit pulls all the pieces together.

BoxFit is the best stress buster and fat burner around.


Working your hardest is key when it comes to boosting endurance, increasing metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and losing body fat. HIIT routines that involve bodyweight work (e.g. push-ups) or added weight, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, or dumbbells, will tone your muscles while spiking your heart rate.

These short bursts of intense exercise will also increase your oxygen intake which will help improve your lung capacity as well as your cardio capabilities. You also burn more calories both during and after your workout thanks to post-exercise exercise oxygen consumption where you continue to burn calories even after the session ends.

But it’s not about running yourself into the ground, it’s controlled short bursts of high intensity exercise with regular short breaks.


Box Fit & HIIT Classes in Worthing At Mind And Body Fitness Worthing

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere suitable for all ages & abilities.

No it’s not! These classes are designed around your fitness and wellbeing, although it is a good way to release any aggression or anger (on the pads!)

These are group classes but personal training is available. You can find out more about my personal training 


Our Box Fit & HIIT Classes in Worthing are held at Peak Boxings gym in Oxford Road, Worthing. This is a private gym which allows us to create a good group atmosphere within the class focused on getting fit whilst having fun without any distractions. We find this also helps new members who may initially be lacking in confidence a little and who are concerned about entering a public gym environment.

Peak Boxing, Oxford Road, Worthing BN11 1UT

Achieve Your Mind And Body Fitness Goals

Flexible pay-per-class, monthly subscriptions and well-being packages available

Achieve Your Mind And Body Fitness Goals

Flexible pay-per-class, monthly subscriptions and well-being packages available