Personal Trainer in Worthing

As a Personal Trainer in Worthing I offer 1-2-1 Personal Training in various forms of fitness, strength, flexibility and overall health improvement. The personal training is ideal for those who need an individually focused training program, those who need extra focus or training or even those who may not yet have the confidence to be part of a group class.

What is a personal trainer, you ask? Depending on their approach and demeanor, personal trainers are part-coach, part-mentor, part-friend and even part-drill instructor at times. What remains constant is their goal, which is to oversee an individual’s fitness program in a fitness facility or private setting.

These private fitness classes are ideal for anyone who requires 100% focus on their goals. You can also bring your partner or a friend if you both want to achieve similar results and encourage each other to push the boundries to your personal goals.

The benefits of using a personal trainer include:-

  • Personal trainers want to help people pursue or maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal trainers want to educate people about the many ways to engage in physical exercise and healthy living.
  • Personal trainers want to help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals.
  • The ability to successfully assess and screen their clients, both initially and progressively.
  • The ability to design health, wellness, and physical fitness programs that are tailored to their clients’ specific needs, wants, and goals.
  • The ability to execute fitness programs that are both safe and effective.
  • A thorough understanding of cardiovascular, flexibility, and resistance exercise
  • A dedication to personal and professional integrity.
  • Having and maintaining a working knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition and fundamental principles of exercise science.
  • An ability to design and execute individual and small group exercise fitness programs, tailored to the needs and attainable goals of the individual, apparently healthy client, in a safe and effective way.
  • An understanding for the need and importance of screening and client assessment; proficiency in conducting these evaluations initially and progressively.
  • A desire to help clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise.
  • An ability to motivate others in an encouraging and uplifting way towards improving their overall fitness and health.
  • A dedication to maintaining personal integrity, client confidentiality and professional standards for best practice.
  • A dedication to self-improvement, self-awareness, continuous learning, personal growth and development with regard to personal health, fitness and mental capacity.

Personal trainers have a love of fitness, and it shows. Their focus on a healthy lifestyle, a commitment to a fit physique, and a desire to share their passion with others is apparent, which allows them to serve as positive role models for the exercise challenged or for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.


Personal Trainer In Worthing At Mind And Body Fitness

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere suitable for all ages & abilities.

No it’s not! These classes are designed around your fitness and wellbeing, although it is a good way to release any aggression or anger (on the pads!)

These are group classes but personal training is available. You can find out more about my personal training 

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My Personal Training Classes can be held in your own home or at Peak Boxings gym in Oxford Road, Worthing. This is a private gym which allows us to create a good group atmosphere within the class focused on getting fit whilst having fun without any distractions. We find this also helps new members who may initially be lacking in confidence a little and who are concerned about entering a public gym environment.

Peak Boxing, Oxford Road, Worthing BN11 1UT

Achieve Your Mind And Body Fitness Goals


Achieve Your Mind And Body Fitness Goals